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A bi-monthly independent magazine for the Hawaiian community, Mana celebrates Hawaiians and their culture. Mana helps create a sense of community and inspires people to engage in that community while celebrating its heritage, language, art, music and people. Mana also celebrates the community's diversity by covering hard-hitting issues and sharing disparate opinions and ideas in provocative ways. Through an unwavering dedication to professional journalism, Mana provides a highly valued independent voice that is not tied to any organization or viewpoint. In doing so, it inspires serious exchange on the important issues impacting the Hawaiian community today and beyond – governance, education, health, income and more.

Mana reaches active, engaged Hawaiians wherever they live – in Hawai'i, on the Continent and elsewhere. It also targets all those who care deeply about the Hawaiian community and the important role it plays in making Hawai'i, Hawai'i. Mana is not the voice of the Hawaiian community; it is a voice in the Hawaiian community. As an independent magazine, Mana does not tell readers what to think; rather it tells them what others are thinking. Mana is where all readers – regardless of ancestry – turn to learn about the Hawaiian people and organizations and the issues they face.

Royal Heritage

Mana Magazine is published by Mana Media LLC, a jointly owned subsidiary of The Kālaimoku Group and PacificBasin Communications. The Kālaimoku Group is a Honolulu-based, native Hawaiian-owned, business development firm founded by John Aeto and Cedric Duarte.

PacificBasin Communications is Hawai'i's largest, locally owned media company that publishes 11 magazines including HONOLULU Magazine. HONOLULU was commissioned under a royal charter from King Kalākaua in 1888. Originally named Paradise of the Pacific, it was a magazine for Continent readers about life in Hawai'i. About 50 years ago, PoP became HONOLULU Magazine, a monthly city magazine written by and for residents of Hawai'i. Growing parallel along these royal roots, Mana will be a magazine written by and for the indigenous Hawaiian community. Like HONOLULU, Mana will remain editorially free from outside influences and the topics covered will be at the sole discretion of the editorial team.

PacificBasin Communications is an aio company. aio is a locally-owned family of businesses specializing in media, printing, technology, sports and food.

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